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I just want to squeal every time I get a call or message saying, “We’re getting a puppy!” It’s so exciting! I have the privilege of hearing how the little fuzzball was acquired and all the details. Then, dozens of questions begin rolling in that I am happy to answer. The most frequent are about potty training.

We started off 2018 by sharing 5 'Do It Yourself' enrichment feeders for Fido. This month, we’re going to tell you about our top 5 favorite enrichment feeders you can buy.

Do you think your dog may be too lazy or knuckleheaded to enjoy ditching the mealtime bowl and working or playing for his food? Your dog is probably smarter than you think!

Dropping your dog’s food in a bowl can be easy and convenient, but it only provides sustenance. Dogs have to eat, so why not use one of the most positive tools you can to improve their quality of life? Food!

I don’t think it can get any easier than this to provide your pup an enriching “sniffari” adventure. It takes less than a minute to pour and roll kibble into a tasty towel activity.

Enriching the New Year!

on 04 January, 2018

Do you have any pop or water bottles, juice containers or milk jugs ready for the recycle bin? I bet you do! Before tossing them in the trash or bin, try using them to enrich your pup’s mealtime.

Are you ready to add some fun to your dog’s daily routine? It’s incredibly easy and quite enjoyable to watch! Ditching the bowl for mealtimes and using enrichment feeders (aka. Brain toys, brain games, dog puzzles, interactive or puzzle feeders, etc.) provides exercise for your pup’s mind and body.

This holiday season our minds are often focused on gifts, gifts, gifts. Our mailboxes and inboxes are jam-packed with sale ads and gift ideas for those we love. I love this time of year! I love to give gifts and see the excitement on the faces of those opening a gift I’ve given them.

Well, our furry family members (no I’m not talking about your overly hairy uncle Mike!) can’t make a list of things they want this Christmas, but we know what is best for them and it’s our job to make sure they have all they need. 
Here are three important “gifts” you can be sure to give your pups and cats this year…

Furever Thankful

on 20 November, 2017

Welcome to November! In honor of Thanksgiving, we’ve talked to several dog owners and compiled a TOP 5 LIST of why we’re THANKFUL for our furry friends. Here’s what pup parents had to say….

Halloween Tips From Fido

on 17 October, 2017

By: Meredith Godwin & Debra Murray 

Hi, there! My name is Fido, your loveable furry friend! You clicked on this post because you’re interested in keeping me safe and scare-free this Halloween. Well, you’ve come to the right place because today, I will give you some tips on how to do just that!



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