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Enriching the New Year!

on 04 January, 2018

Do you have any pop or water bottles, juice containers or milk jugs ready for the recycle bin? I bet you do! Before tossing them in the trash or bin, try using them to enrich your pup’s mealtime.

Are you ready to add some fun to your dog’s daily routine? It’s incredibly easy and quite enjoyable to watch! Ditching the bowl for mealtimes and using enrichment feeders (aka. Brain toys, brain games, dog puzzles, interactive or puzzle feeders, etc.) provides exercise for your pup’s mind and body.

This holiday season our minds are often focused on gifts, gifts, gifts. Our mailboxes and inboxes are jam-packed with sale ads and gift ideas for those we love. I love this time of year! I love to give gifts and see the excitement on the faces of those opening a gift I’ve given them.

Well, our furry family members (no I’m not talking about your overly hairy uncle Mike!) can’t make a list of things they want this Christmas, but we know what is best for them and it’s our job to make sure they have all they need. 
Here are three important “gifts” you can be sure to give your pups and cats this year…

Furever Thankful

on 20 November, 2017

Welcome to November! In honor of Thanksgiving, we’ve talked to several dog owners and compiled a TOP 5 LIST of why we’re THANKFUL for our furry friends. Here’s what pup parents had to say….

Halloween Tips From Fido

on 17 October, 2017

By: Meredith Godwin & Debra Murray 

Hi, there! My name is Fido, your loveable furry friend! You clicked on this post because you’re interested in keeping me safe and scare-free this Halloween. Well, you’ve come to the right place because today, I will give you some tips on how to do just that!

By: Meredith Godwin

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. It’s important to construct emergency plans for you and your pet before disaster strikes. Hopefully, you have already considered emergency preparations for your family, but did you remember to include your pets in those plans? Take a look at some things you can do to be a smart pet owner and ready your furry friend for an emergency.

By: Debra Murray 

Have you ever seen Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs? If not, it’s okay. You’ll still get the idea. There’s this scene where Ellie (the main wooly mammoth mama) is getting ready to have a baby. She and Manny (her mate) had this clever code word so he would know when Ellie was in labor. Well, Ellie was having trouble recalling that special word when it was time and there was some confusion in those moments. Finally, Ellie focuses hard, concentrates, and says to herself, “Come on Ellie. Think!”. After a moment’s pause, she is then able to successfully bellow out the code word, “PEACHES!”. The baby is coming!

By: Andrew Long & Debra Murray

Bow-wowza! What was that? Normally, I can sleep through anything, but those thunderous booms and pops quickly startled me out of a sound slumber. I don’t hear those very often, but boy when I do, they make my bones tremble. There’s that distinct smell, too! It stings my nose and makes me sneeze. My eyes burn. I squint hard to see through the hazy air as I investigate the source of my abrupt awakening. My people keep giving me a gentle pat and excitedly say, “It’s okay, boy! It’s just the fireworks. It’s the 4th of July.”

By: Pam Wooldridge

Time for a relaxing vacay? Whether you’re heading to Disney World, to grandma’s house, or anywhere in between, sometimes our furry loved ones just aren’t able to tag along. Planning your pooch’s holiday is an important component of any vacation preparations. How can you make the time mutually enjoyable for everyone?

Strolling Safely

on 30 April, 2017

Tips for deterring interactions with loose dogs

“I was walking with my 2 young children and a dog started running towards us. It began jumping on my 3year old, and would not stop despite me trying to keep him down. My 3year old was screaming. I was screaming for help, and no one came. My son received scratches all over his trunk, neck, face, and ear. I feel horrible for not being able to protect my babies.”



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  • Debra was so wonderfully helpful when she came to do a home visit to help us help our dog, Lexus. I was worried I'd be made to feel guilty, but Debra was very understanding of our situation. I was also concerned she'd give us a bunch of suggestions we wouldn't be able to commit to, but she really worked with our time and lifestyle and gave us suggestions that can work for us and our dog. What a relief!

    -Adrienne Patrick

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