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Dogs & Babies

Dogs & Babies

Are you a pet parent who is expecting a baby or planning to grow your human family? Do you worry that your furbabies might have difficulty adjusting to the new addition? Let Smartypaws prepare you and your dogs for the changes ahead. Our Pups & Parenthood Baby Prep package offers educational information, tips, and handouts for parents, as well as hands on training for pups. Parental instruction and dog training combined to facilitate smoother transitions for pups and parents when welcoming baby home.


Pups & Parenthood Baby Prep Package $599

4 sessions – each session lasts about an hour

  • Approximately 30 minutes of hands on training for pup
  • Approximately 30 minutes of discussion, activities, and tips addressing dog/baby dynamics
  • Educational information is from Family Paws Parent Education Dogs & Storks materials
  • Follow up session after baby is born (up to 3 months old)

Tentative Schedule of Topics Covered for Parents*

Session 1: 

  • Dogs and Baby Expectation – Getting you Ready!
  • Know Your Dog – Identifying Problem Areas
  • Does my dog know I’m pregnant?

Session 2:

  • Know Your Dog – Body Language & Communication
  • Attention Seeking Behaviors
  • Success Stations

Session 3:

  • Supervision Smarts
  • Labor Plan for Pup
  • Bringing Baby Home – Introductions & Expectations

Session 4:

  • Your First Days Home
  • Tips for After Baby Is Born
  • Building Trust & Comfort between Dogs & Baby

Pup Preparation Includes*: 

  • training or solidifying basic manners and using them for safe inclusion
    (sit, down, leave-it, wait, bed/place)
  • replacing unwanted behaviors
  • familiarizing with baby equipment and sounds
  • responding to cues given with baby
  • teaching tricks and other applicable cues

*content will vary based on individual family needs

Dogs & Storks Presentations

Dogs & Storks® is an international program created by Family Paws Parent Education that helps expecting families with dogs prepare for life with baby. We offer positive, practical and fun solutions to challenges that arise when a family with dogs adds a new baby to the household.

Dogs & Storks Private In-home Presentations & Consult $299

  • Approximately 2+hours
  • Interactive presentation with discussion points
  • Prepared folder with handouts, tips and note page
  • Consult to assess individual training needs for dogs in the home
  • Develop customized solutions to meet training needs

Dogs & Storks Group Presentations:

Starting at $200 for a minimum of 5 participants/couples. Additional $25 per participant/couple. Client provides venue with system for HDMI hook up.

  • Approximately 2 hours
  • 2-3 handouts
  • Group question and answer session


  • My wife and I were referred to Smartypaws and it was a great decision. We were very pleased with Debra’s training approach. It was more about training us, but through in-home sessions where we could see first-hand that her techniques work. Our puppy is much better behaved in the short 4 weeks we worked with Debra. We believe she’s given us all the tools needed to have an all-around well trained dog, but it’s now on us to consistently use those tools.

    -Greg Baker

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