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Dogs & Kids

Dogs & Kids

Are you raising dogs and children together under one roof? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the craziness that ensues when mixing excited kids and exuberant K9s? Let Smartypaws guide your whole family in training the dogs and teaching the kids (ages 4+). Our Kids & K9’s packages include interactive learning for the entire family.

Basic Kids & K9’s Training Package $599

4 sessions – each session lasts about an hour

  • Approximately 45 minutes of hands-on manners training for pup and parents

-basic manners include: sit, down, wait, leave-it, come, tricks and more

-address unwanted behaviors like jumping, nipping housetraining, etc.

  • About 15 minutes of fun and educational activities* for children 

-teaching safe interactions and dog awareness

-includes age-appropriate visuals, games, and handouts 

  • Session notes are provided

*activities and educational information taken from Family Paws Parent Education programs and Dog Smart Reach & Teach Education curriculum 

Ultimate Kids & K9’s Training Package $650

4 sessions as described above PLUS:

  • Training treat pouch for each child participant  
  • Related video links and resources via e-mail (aids learning and retention after the session)
  • Access to Smartypaws exclusive canine enrichment activity lending library (a new challenge provided for pup each session!)

Dog Safety Education

Smartypaws is a licensed Educator for Family Paws Parent Education and presenter for Good Dog in a box. Customized presentations or workshops are available for groups of all kinds. From scout troops and schools to neighborhood safety teams, Smartypaws has a fun and informative program for you!

Please call to discuss pricing and specifics of your group needs.

Some topics to choose from with safety education:

  • Doggy Detective – understanding canine communication
  • SAFE Dog Bite Prevention
  • Responsible Pet Ownership
  • How to have a Healthy and Safe Pet
  • Animal Advocacy
  • Careers with Animals

Dogs & Toddlers™

The Dogs & Toddlers™ is an International program that helps families with dogs and toddler-age children create safety and harmony at home. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families with dogs during your child’s early development years. You’ll gain insight to canine body language and learn how to facilitate safe and positive relationships between dogs and children.

Check out our blogs series on Fostering Friendships Between Dogs & Toddlers for a sneak peek

Dogs & Toddlers Private In-home Presentation & Consult $299:

  • Approximately 2+ hours
  • Power point presentation with discussion points
  • Prepared folder with handouts, tips, and note page
  • Consult to assess individual training needs for dogs in the home
  • Develop customized solutions to meet training needs

Dogs & Toddlers Group Presentations:

Starting at $200 for a minimum of 5 participants/couples. Additional $25 per participant/couple. Client provides home or venue with system for HDMI hook up.

  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Power point presentation
  • 2-3 handouts
  • Group question & answer session

* 20% non refundable deposit due at booking. Remaining balance due upon arrival.



  • Debra goes above and beyond in every interaction! She trained me. She trained my dogs, and she even trained my children. Exceptional!

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