Enriching the New Year for Dogs

on 12 January, 2018

Fun Feeder Friday for Fido

I don’t think it can get any easier than this to provide your pup an enriching “sniffari” adventure. It takes less than a minute to pour and roll kibble into a tasty towel activity. I wouldn’t be surprised if your dog gets a little more exuberant than Dolly with this, and even asks for a game of tugsie at the end.

One Smartypaws training pup loves this feeder and is a riot to watch interacting with it. He picks the towel up, whips it around, and tosses it, causing the food to scatter. When he’s done playing with the towel, he sniffs around to find and finish his food. Then, goes back to the towel for just one more game of whip and toss before contently laying down for some snuggles.

What will your pup do with this twisted towel challenge?

For more easy mealtime enrichment ideas, check out our Jan 1st blog on 5 DIY enrichment feeders for Fido. Also, join us here and on Facebook every Friday in January to see those feeders in action.

*always supervise use of enrichment feeders and do not allow consumption of non-food items




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