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Dog Toys That Make Perfect Presents

on 01 December, 2019

Part II: Toys for Fun or Food

Does anyone else despise purchasing dog toys that last less than a few minutes? What a waste of moolah! Next dog toy you buy, invest in one of these. We think you’ll be pleased.

  1. GoughNuts: This brand of toys is truly amazing! They contain an internal visual indicator to show if a toy has been compromised and should be replaced. GoughNuts are nearly indestructible, floatable, cleanable, recyclable, and THEY GUARANTEE IT! Straight from the manufacturer’s website, “If your pet can chew through the Green to expose the Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.” If you know or have a destructo-dog, then these should be on your list.
  2. West Paw Zogoflex®: West Paw offers three main toy categories: puzzle, play and chew. They have a nice selection of quality products for gentle to power chewers. Zogoflex is the heavy-duty line containing one of our favorites. The Qwizl® treat toy can be just for play or stuffed with food or treats for longer lasting fun. Plus, all West Paw Products are designed and manufactured in Bozeman, Montana USA.
  3. Playology®: Scent technology is what separates this line of toys from the rest. Since dogs experience the world through their nose, Playology embeds various scents throughout their toys. From rope sticks to squeaky chew balls, olfactory fun will be had by the lucky dog who receives one.
  4. Godog Furballz Chew Guard™ Dog Toy: This hairy ball is all the rage in the dog world lately! It doesn’t look like it would stand up to much, but word on the street is that it’s a must have. Currently, it’s in my online shopping cart for some special furry friends.
  5. JW® Pet Hol-EE Roller Dog Toy: Who would have thought that a ball with a bunch of holes would be such a fun toy? Hol-ee Roller balls are definitely not for chewing but can certainly make for an entertaining toy. Dogs can pick them up and toss them around on their own. I like to put edible chews or other balls and toys inside the Hol-ee Roller so my pups have to figure out how to get those goodies out.

Food or Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toys & Enrichment Feeders:

  1. Kong®: A respected name in dog products, Kong has many tough and wonderful toys. The Kong Wobbler and Rewards Ball are enrichment feeders that slow down scarfers and provide mental enrichment. Any pup who likes food can figure out these feeder games.
  2. Starmark® Treat Dispensing Chew Ball: Starmark has quite a few toys that engage canines. The treat dispensing chew ball should be a staple in every dog’s toybox. It rolls, bounces and even floats! Fill it with kibble or dump in a handful of small treats. This pliable ball will provide amusement for most pups.
  3. Our Pets® Buster Cube: This enrichment feeder has adjustable levels of difficulty. It’s a little trickier than the ball and Wobbler dispensers but can give active dogs a worthwhile mealtime work out.
  4. Nina Ottosson® by Outward Hound® Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy: If you’re wanting to impress a pup, this is the gift to give. It’s a bone shaped puzzle toy with four layers that spin to reveal food or treats. Removeable pieces that can be added to make it harder for the hound to reveal the goodies are included.
  5. Pet Safe® Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat: A two-piece adjustable design allows this toy to be screwed together tighter or looser making the Twist ‘n Treat appropriate for dogs of all skill levels. Treats and kibble can be made to fall out with just a gentle nuzzle of the nose or twisted tighter to require more effort and play for those persistent pups.

Remember, enrichment feeders are intended for problem-solving fun, and are NOT chew toys. They should be picked up and stored out of reach after the goodies have been consumed to eliminate the risk of destroying and ingesting the feeder. Pups may need encouragement or assistance when first introduced to these puzzle toys and supervision is recommended.



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