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Presents Pups Can Chew, and Chew, and Chew…

on 20 November, 2019

Longer Lasting Chews

It’s that time of year when many people are shopping for the perfect presents. We can’t help you with finding the right stuff for those hard to shop for humans, but we sure can give you the scoop on unique things that dogs will dig. Whether you are shopping for your own pup or a friends’ pooch, one of these longer lasting chews are guaranteed to get their tail wagging.

1. Himalayan Dog Chew: These long lasting, natural chews with no preservatives are made from yak and cow milk. Other than being highly digestible, Himalayan chews also have a special way to be transformed. Place them in the microwave to create a crunchy cheese puff treat once they’ve gotten too small to be safely gnawed on as a chewie.

2. Coffee Root Chew: Coffee wood is a hard, closed grained wood harvested from the coffee bean plant. It can be chewed down but does not produce sharp splinters like other types of wood. They can be difficult to find in stores but are usually available on Amazon.

3. Bully Stick: If you embarrass easily, you may want to skip this pup pleaser. Bully sticks are single ingredient, highly digestible dog chews made from the pizzle of a bull. Most dogs will safely enjoy appropriately sized bully sticks for up to 15 minutes, or more.

4. Buffalo Horn: Unlike antlers, buffalo horns do not seem to have the same reputation for causing canine tooth fractures. I’m sure it’s possible, like with any hard, durable dog chew, the dog’s oral health, chewing strength, and style contributes to dental injuries. Buffalo horns are sold hollowed out with that area serving as a convenient bonus spot to hide treats and flavorful spreads such as: peanut butter, canned dog food, or cheese.

5. Coconut: You know, that hard, brown, seed from a tropical palm? Pull off as much of the stringy husk as possible, then that strong outer shell, pulp and milk can give hours of entertainment to your doggy friends. The outer husk can be sharp if broken into pieces but drilling a hole in it can provide a unique lasting, liquid dispensing chew toy.

The above chews are considered non-toxic, but like any consumable product, can cause gastrointestinal upset if eaten in excess. Always check the manufacturer recommendations and general safety guidelines for providing appropriately sized chews and treats. Pets should be supervised and always have access to fresh water when enjoying these durable chews.

Find more perfect presents for pups on December 1st in our upcoming blog featuring Dog Toys For Fun or Food.



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