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Our Furry Friends and the 4th

on 30 June, 2017

Bow-wowza! What was that? Normally, I can sleep through anything, but those thunderous booms and pops quickly startled me out of a sound slumber. I don’t hear those very often, but boy when I do, they make my bones tremble. There’s that distinct smell, too! It stings my nose and makes me sneeze. My eyes burn. I squint hard to see through the hazy air as I investigate the source of my abrupt awakening. My people keep giving me a gentle pat and excitedly say, “It’s okay, boy! It’s just the fireworks. It’s the 4th of July.”

For them, nothing beats celebrating America’s Independence Day by shooting off firecrackers and having a backyard bbq with friends and family. Of course, I’m family too, so they like to include me. I love being with them and I sure do enjoy those picnic scraps, but this particular gathering always makes me nervous. My heightened senses keep me alert with all the abnormal activities going on around me. It’s hard to relax. I find myself being on edge and constantly getting startled. Sometimes, the commotion makes me shake, drool, pant heavily, and want to run away and hide!

On the other paw, I do enjoy a short amount of time outside to romp through the sprinkler, snarf up some picnic scraps, and take care of “business”. Yet, I am quite relieved and content to spend most of the day in a quieter, comfortable and familiar place indoors where I can enjoy a tasty treat and catch some z’s.

dog under table 

Here are 5 tips that help keep me safe when the world around is booming.

  1. Always keep your pets inside when setting off fireworks to prevent them from escaping.  Prepare a safe, cozy place with a special treat and music or background noise to help keep them comfortable.  If your dog is particularly uneasy about loud noises, consider getting them acclimated to a thundershirt™ or other calming product that may help during stressful times.
  2. Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification tags attached to them.   If they do manage to escape, you are more likely to be reunited if your pet is microchipped and wearing proper identification.
  3. Be cautious when choosing your pet’s “dress up” accessories.  While this may seem obvious, jewelry and other decorative products are not always safe to be worn by pets.  For instance, it’s not a good idea to put glow jewelry on your pets or allow them to play with it. While the luminescent substance contained in these products is not highly toxic, excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation could still result from ingestion.  Also, intestinal blockages could occur from swallowing large pieces or plastic containers.
  4. Resist the urge to take pets to Independence Day festivities. Loud, crowded firework displays are not fun for pets.  The inundation of unusual sights, smells, and sounds can cause even the most low-key dog to become frightened or disoriented.  Keep them safe from the noise in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area inside your home.
  5. After the celebrations, check your yardand surrounding areas for firework and debris before allowing your pets outside to play or relax. Even if you didn’t set off fireworks yourself, smoldering or dangerous debris could be lingering in your yard. 

Follow these simple tips and make this Independence Day a happier holiday for your pup!

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