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Everyone Loves Smartypaws

on 02 February, 2017

Smartypaws songs by Andrew Long


Welcome to Smartypaws, where clients find no flaws.

Low cost luxury boarding, so all can be affording.

Positive training, with no harmful restraining.

You’ve tried the rest, now go with the best!


Besides our convenient new location just minutes away from I-70, here are some reasons our customers consider us the best and love Smartypaws’ luxury, low-stress boarding:

• I never worry when my fur-baby is there. I know she is having a blast and being given the most exceptional care.
• The daily pictures and updates are always highlights of my day. I love that I can face time with my dogs!
• There is nothing else like it! It’s affordable and worth every cent!
• My dogs get special attention around the clock and don’t have to be stressed out by a bunch of other dogs.
• My dog is loved and cared for like family!


We’re Smartypaws, we always get applause.

You’ve read the reasons, clients love us through all the seasons.

Now try our meet-n-greet, ‘cuz we can’t be beat.

Give us a call, and we’ll take care of your dogs big or small.


Not only do we offer luxury boarding for your canine companion, we also provide Smartypaws dog training. Here are just a few things our clients are saying to their friends and neighbors about why they love Smartypaws training:

• It taught me how to understand my dog and work together. At first, I was ready to give her back to the shelter, but Smartypaws training brought out the best in both of us. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
• Debra goes above and beyond in every interaction! She trained me. She trained my dogs, and she even trained my children. Exceptional!
• No other trainer in the Kansas City area understood the situation with our dog’s behavior changes after our baby was born. Debra not only could explain what was happening and why, but supplied the resources and training to fix it. Our dog and baby are safe now, and our family is happy together.
• Debra helped my kids that were afraid of dogs learn to love them and interact with them appropriately.
• It was customized for our needs, yet such a value for the personal service.

Next time you think dog boarding or training, think Smartypaws!




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  • Debra goes above and beyond in every interaction! She trained me. She trained my dogs, and she even trained my children. Exceptional!

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