tr?id=1702533549982635&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Fostering Friendship Between Dogs and Toddlers - Part 2

Fostering Friendship Between Dogs and Toddlers - Part 2

on 09 May, 2016

#2. Invites decrease frights and bites.

There are numerous things that cause dogs to be nervous. In 13 years of training I have yet to meet a dog – even my own who LOVES children – that feels completely comfortable with a small person approaching them. If I’m being completely honest here, I must admit that I often brace myself when being approached by my own kids. It’s a mystery whether they will gently climb in my lap and offer a tender snuggle or exuberantly pounce and execute a choke hold neck hug. Dogs often exhibit subtle signs of stress by doing things like turning away, looking at their trusted adult for rescue, lip licking, and even kissing. In these situations, those signals can easily go unnoticed or be greatly misinterpreted.

Simple kissy noises or calling the dog’s name and patting your leg are easy ways to ask the dog if they would like to interact. When you teach children to calmly invite a dog to them, instead of approaching a dog, then you allow the dog a choice in the interaction. By giving the dog the opportunity to express its comfort level and choose to freely come to you and the child by invitation, as well as allowing the dog to walk away at any time, you empower your children to initiate safe interaction with dogs. Whether at home, a friend’s house, or the park “Invites decrease bites and frights.” is an excellent mantra to teach and practice.

Be sure to check back next month for insightful tip #3 on Fostering Friendships Between Dogs and Toddlers.



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  • I love working with Debra at SmartyPaws. She has creative and insightful ideas to help my dog through various struggles. I've learned a lot about how to approach a problem area and think about it from the dog's perspective and how to motivate through positive training. Deb truly loves dogs and has a unique plan for each client. I also appreciate the email re-cap of our sessions and what I can work on for the next session. This has helped me to break the process down into smaller steps so that my dog and I can make progress as a team. My dog loves Deb. She makes the training process fun. I have bonded with my dog even more through the training process we've gone through. Thanks, Deb!


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